Washing & Care

Washing instructions
Wool naturally has a dirt-repellent property and therefore it is not necessary to wash the wool blankets and plaids often. The wool naturally contains oil which makes the wool water-repellent, the dirt remains on the surface of the wool and therefore has a self-cleaning effect.
We advise to “air” the blankets outside when the weather is damp. If you do find it necessary to wash the blankets or plaids, follow the instructions below.

Blankets of lamb wool & merino wool.
We recommend dry cleaning. If not possible, machine wash with cold water. Use only a program made for wool and wool wash detergents. No spinning! Do not tumble dry and do not use bleach.

Cotton blankets
Machine wash, wool wash program at max 30⁰ Celsius. Wash apart. Iron at medium temp. Do not use bleach.

Maintenance and Care
We recommend that you frequently air dry wool blankets and carpets. The natural elasticity of wool means the fibre can recover its natural shape instantly, and the sunlight will stop moths ruining your wool product. For further moth protection you can use lavander or specific anti-moth products. Do not keep in closed, dark and humid places.